Zero Hours Contracts…join the queue

Nine hundred and ten thousand at your beck and call
To come running when summoned and fill your shortfall
Nine hundred and ten thousand waiting for your horn to sound
For a chance at a grab at your phantomlike pound
Nine hundred and ten thousand waiting for your whistle to blow
To play in the game for a few hours or so
Nine hundred and ten thousand with a life put on hold
Standing in line like the dockers of old
Nine hundred and ten thousand with no peace of mind
On a merry-go-round of corporate design
Nine hundred and ten thousand just one text away
From the message that reads "No Work Today"

Copyright: Fishylyrics - March 2017

Meet Joe…

See the eyes, the lack of pride
The self-reproach felt deep inside
No welcome here, no gaze returned
Head bowed, glances spurned

See the smile, lips tight drawn
It tells a lie, the face is torn
It hides a soul too hard to own
A camouflage for truths beknown

See the shoulders stooped and bent
The weight so heavy it can't relent
A load long carried in the mind
No pause or respite can it find

Feel the stomach cramped and tight
Hands are cold, head is light
Last pickings fed to smaller jaws
Tonight much like the night before

He reaches in to memory
For answers to his misery
Recalls only wages earned and money spent
Bigger bills and higher rent

Feel the humiliation as he stands in line
Two years now since the very first time
He signs for his boxed up charity
And wonders how this came to be

This throwback to an age gone by
The daily battle to survive
Work's safe refuge turned on its head
Employment's safety net in shreds

Feel the confusion, feel the pain
Feel the anger rise again
What crimes or wrongs were committed here
To be served a punishment so severe

A sentence crafted by corporate pen
To impoverish the worker once again
To have him servile, keep him tame
Know his place and know his shame

To strip away his dignity
Exploit his vulnerability
And lay the blame at his own door
The fault all his for being poor

See an existence cruel to bear
See a future full of fear
Meet a life born out of another's plan
Meet a 21st century working man

Meet Joe...

Copyright: Fishylyrics - February 2017