The itchy finger

Theresa says she'll press the button
That got a mighty cheer
The thought of an apocalypse
Didn't seem to hold much fear

She blurted out the affirmative
With clarity and speed
Such sharp decision making
Is surely what we need

What strength of character she shows
A lady made of steel
No messing with this English rose
No doubting what she feels

No pussy footing with our foes
No dither and no qualms
She lets them know just where we stand
When it comes to using arms

Just one request, my dear P.M.
If it's not too much to ask
It'll help with any sleepless nights
And those scary dreams that last

Before the bombs come raining down
Before the earth is scorched
Before the limbs fly here and there
Before the world is torched

Before the gas fills up our lungs
Before the skin burns black
Before the blood boils through our veins
Before the heart attacks

Before the endless pain endures
Before the eyeballs glow
If you get an itchy finger
Please would you let me know

Copyright: Fishylyrics - November 2016