Oh Palestine, dear Palestine

Oh Palestine, dear Palestine
How my heart aches for thee
So cruel a world we live in
That permits such tyranny
Your homeland signed away to another
To provide a sanctuary
Who could have known the persecuted
Would so soon the persecutor be
Oh Palestine, dear Palestine
How my heart bleeds for thee
Walls and wire now strangle the air
Where the lungs of freedom used to breathe
Your people incarcerated in human corrals 
Trapped like goldfish in a bowl
A temporal jailhouse for their bodies
An eternal prison for their souls

Oh Palestine, dear Palestine
How my heart burns for thee
It burns with anger deep and red
It burns with indignity
But above all it burns with a peerless pride
At a spirit that won't be quelled
At a people that shall not be broken
At a will of iron held
At a life of resistance all consuming
As the toll of martyrs yearly climbs
At your honour and your virtue
Your enduring faith in heartless times
Oh Palestine, dear Palestine
One day you will once again be free
And a land stolen will be returned 
From the river to the sea

Copyright: Fishylyrics - 2019

For Razan(In memory of Razan al-Najjar)

Ask not which Private fired the gun
That sent this sweet child to Martyrdom
Neither search the Sergeant’s name
Who lined up his troops to kill and maim
Demand not investigation, nor seek any testimony
For the guilty party is already plain to see
No rogue bullet left its chamber, no errant shot was discharged
And no words should be written that serve as camouflage
Half truths are lies and nothing more and should not be set in print
And I bear no stain of prejudice when penning honest words in ink
This was killing by instruction, homicide as policy
Yet one more wanton, heartless act in Zion history
So accuse me not of antisemitism for no race test do I fail
When I place in the dock for murder the State of Is-ra-el

Copyright: Fishylyrics 2018

The Angel of Khan Younis

Weep not for Razan Ashraf al-Najjar
An angel now looking down from the stars
A mother's daughter slain by a mother's son
Picked off in the sights of an Israeli gun
A white nurse's coat no refuge from the sniper's eye
That fired the lead and watched her die
Weep because she is just another one
Taken in the blood soaked slaughter for Zion
While a shameful, silent world looks on

Copyright: FishyLyrics June 2018