For Razan(In memory of Razan al-Najjar)

Ask not which Private fired the gun
That sent this sweet child to Martyrdom
Neither search the Sergeant’s name
Who lined up his troops to kill and maim
Demand not investigation, nor seek any testimony
For the guilty party is already plain to see
No rogue bullet left its chamber, no errant shot was discharged
And no words should be written that serve as camouflage
Half truths are lies and nothing more and should not be set in print
And I bear no stain of prejudice when penning honest words in ink
This was killing by instruction, homicide as policy
Yet one more wanton, heartless act in Zion history
So accuse me not of antisemitism for no race test do I fail
When I place in the dock for murder the State of Is-ra-el

Copyright: Fishylyrics 2018

White hats, black hearts

The Marshal was rockin' in the chair
When his deputy arrived
Somethin' was playing on the deputy's mind
His eyes they couldn't lie

The boys, they're askin' questions
Said the deputy with a sigh
How come he's still alive
You know it don't look right

Boy's 'ud sure like to take him down
You only gotta give the word
They're feelin' kinda all riled up
From the stories that they heard

They reckon he's meaner than The Kid
An' Wesley Harding too
He's been runnin' with the James gang
The boys they swear it's true

Folks say he's got a real bad place
Right in the main town square
They tell there's hands an' feet
An' such scattered ever'where

Been told he's cruel to womenfolk
Don't treat 'em like he oughta
Don't let 'em dance or sing or nuthin'
Won't give 'em any quarter

You know, we' been huntin' down your outlaws
In towns where folks didn't seem to pay a mind
How come this real bad hombre
Has lasted all this time?

The boys, they tracked on down The Butcher
Got The Colonel on the run
Let 'em saddle up, head east again
An' end this lousy, lowdown sonofa gun

The Marshal looked up from his desk
Fixed the deputy with a stare
Rose real slow to his feet
While kickin' back his chair

You tell the boys to pipe on down
It ain't their job to think
You take 'em down to Sally's place
An' fix 'em up a drink

Remember this, you listen good
An' keep it kept inside
There's them that is an' them that ain't
An' them that do decide

It don't count if he's bad as bad
Or white as driven snow
The only thing that matters
Is if he's friend.....or foe

Copyright:  Fishylyrics - November 2016