Trickle or Trick

For those not cognisant with "trickle down"
Please allow me to explain
It's a form of macro-economics
From which we're all supposed to gain

To spread the wealth around, it's told
When The Rich make their vast sums
We follow with our pan and brush
And sweep up all the crumbs

Or put another way, perhaps
So the theory goes
We all drink up the spillages
From the cup that overflows

Now I've been waiting patiently
For a nibble or a sip
But to be quite honest with you
I've seen neither morsel, nor seen drip

I'm no trained economist
No Smith, no Marx, no Keynes
But I can spot a mighty heist
With just a poor boy's brains

No trickle down, instead a mighty geyser spurts
It's riches hidden from our view
A volcanic spewing forth of wealth
To satisfy the greed of few

But let me offer a word of warning
To you beneficiaries of the scam
The game doesn't last for ever
Enjoy your exploits while you can

For come the day of reckoning
The world, it turns around
King is pawn and pawn is king
When the walls come tumbling down

When we come, we'll come in numbers
When we come we'll come with strength
We'll come with jurisdiction
We'll come with clear conscience

When we come, we won't be asking
No polite requests, no subservience
Repossession, fair and just
No deals, no recompense

Copyright: Fishylyrics - November 2016


You banking boys still at liberty
You think your crimes just devilry
Allowed because of whom you be
And ne'er a sign of your identity

The protection from your club is free
It's handed down each century
Along with your Oxbridge degree
And trust fund treasured in Jersey

But take care with your complacency
Us working boys hold memory
Of your imposed austerity
When the bell tolls, it will toll for thee

The law is yours, it's plain to see
The jailer waits with rusty key
But there are plenty who will work buckshee
To lead you to the hanging tree

Copyright: Fishylyrics - November 2016