If I had my time again

If I had my time again, I often wonder what I'd be
Not that I'm complaining, life's been pretty good to me
I've earned  enough to pay the bills and buy the kids some treats
I've put in the hours, grafted hard, can show the blisters on my feet

It's just that some folks seem to find it easy to bring in the moolah
With cushy jobs that get them big pads and fancy cars
Not that I'm the jealous type, but I still can't help but dream
If lady luck had dealt different cards how life might have been

Maybe I'd have been a footballer on three hundred grand a week
Although I don't fancy all that winter stuff in rain and snow and sleet
And what if I was only decent and not a superstar
I'm not sure the lads at Accrington drive around in jaguars

Or a DJ at the Beeb, that wouldn't be so bad
There's a pretty penny to be made, just ask the ginger lad
But could I really stomach Jedward or Donny and Marie
And what if I copped the early morning shift to start at half past three

A politician's life seems easy, all hot air, sex and booze
And expenses by the thousands for anything you choose
But I'm a bit rough around the edges and I think that it might tell
And I'm not sure my debating style would go down very well

I might even consider something dodgy as long as I didn't go to jail
With big bucks, perks and bonuses where it's impossible to fail
A no lose game, caviar, champagne and a guarantee of wages by the million
So, ... if I had my time again I'd be a director at Carillion

Copyright: Fishylyrics 2018

Author: SimonFish

Husband to Julie, Dad to Mollie & Joe. Hoping that there is an emerging movement of the left. Would like to play some small part in it through my poetry.

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